Stop Stressing Out Your Employees!

Stop Stressing Out Your Employees!

Stress is the Number One killer in the workplace. Indeed, millions of people struggle with health complications as a result of the pressures their work environment put on them. From depression disorders to heart conditions, stress can cause severe health issues that can become crippling in the long term. Unfortunately, too many companies continue to ignore the negative impacts of pressure on their team. As a business owner, one of the main questions you need to ask yourself is: Are you stressing your employees out? Admittedly, you may not be aware of how some of your decisions and action affects other members of your team.

Everybody knows what a lousy boss looks like

It’s fair to say that you’ve probably experience dealing with a bad boss in your lifetime. Everyone has a story with a terrible manager who somehow enjoys causing pain through abusive treatments. From a yelling boss to the manager who belittles the staff, you probably know exactly how to recognize dangerous bosses and how to avoid being one. But have you ever considered the risk of a dysfunctional boss, aka someone who isn’t very good at what they do? In fact, even with the best intentions at heart, a good person can become a bad boss and, consequently a substantial source of stress for the people who work for them. In short, if you’re feeling a little unsure of your skills, a leadership class might help your team relax.

Stop encouraging social media activities

More and more employers encourage their staff to stay active on social media as a way to improve the interactions with the brand. However, social media platforms are tightly connected to high stress levels. In an environment where you need to be reactive to get noticed, it’s easy to understand how Twitter or LinkedIn can interfere with your personal life. Additionally, the digital generation falls into the trap of defining their personal worth through the number of likes they receive.

Here’s some more paper for you to read and remember

If you thought that printing out informative material for your staff was a helpful gesture, then you need to think again. The accumulation of paper on a desk can lead to stress, as it creates a messy environment. Additionally, loose paper can be challenging to store and find. In short, if you’re a fax machine and printer addict, it’s time to look for a digital solution to reduce intrusive piles on desks. Besides, you want to monitor how much info you choose to share. A boss who demands his team reads several articles in a day causes interruptions and a loss of productivity. Keep it short and sweet!

I’ve invited you to a meeting

Employees need up to 20 minutes to get back to work after a short interruption. Unproductive meetings, however, can block several hours during which employees can’t progress in their tasks. As a result, too many meetings can destroy both morale and motivation. Additionally, you’re likely to generate stress if you organize meetings too often as your team will need to work longer hours to keep their daily work on track.

From dysfunctional management to meeting culture, there are many aspects of the workplace that can be stress factors. As a business owner, your role is to ensure that you keep these details under control so that your team can carry on with their day.

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