Stream Energy Empowers Its Associates Through Training

Stream Energy Empowers Its Associates Through Training

Founded in 2005, Stream Energy is a service provider that sells energy, protective, wireless and home services in several states across the U.S. The company employs a business model where the seller (known as a Stream Energy Independent Associate) earns income and rewards by selling the company’s services and signing up new customers. Through its 13 years of existence, the Dallas-based company has grown to become one of the largest companies in the global energy market.

The success of the company is highly influenced by its Independent Associates, who, through hard work and dedication, have added to the lifetime revenue, which currently stands at $8 billion. In 2017 and 2018, Stream Energy was named by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) as part of the DSA Top 20. This prestigious honor is bestowed on the largest direct selling companies in the U.S.

“Being recognized for the fourth year in a row by the DSA is such an honor,” said Stream Energy CEO Larry Mondry. “We’re so proud of our customers, associates, employees, and the services we provide here at Stream. After moving into our new headquarters last month, the future is bright for Stream, and we’re looking forward to giving the DSA more reason to recognize us.”

For Stream Energy, equipping its Independent Associates with the right training and equipment is essential. The better associates do, the better the company does. Stream Energy ensures that it provides its Independent Associates with the correct training and resources to set them up for success. These training and resources include the following:

Power Center

Stream Energy understands that achieving selling success is not a walk in the park. It takes progress, growth, and development very seriously, but understands that these key elements to success are not easy to come by. Keeping this in mind, the company created Power Center, which houses everything an Independent Associate needs to manage his or her business. Launched in early 2018, the platform provides a system where associates can access various resources, including daily videos that highlight various important topics.

Additionally, the Power Center allows associates to see a comprehensive snapshot of their business and in-depth bonus views. It also has team chat channels, which provide access to their teams. With this single system, Independent Associates have their entire business at their fingertips. Power Center is also completely mobile responsive. To help new users get oriented with the center, Stream Energy has created quick walkthrough videos and how-to guides that explain various features.

Retreats & Events

Over the years, Stream Energy has invested time into programs that support its Independent Associates. As the backbone of the company, Stream Energy knows the importance of fostering Independent Associates’ talent and helping them grow their network. In recent years, the company has focused on retreats and events aimed at specific groups of Independent Associates. Some of these groups include the company’s top earners, women, and new associates.

One of these retreats is the Women in Power Retreat. In 2010, the company founded the Women of Power program to inspire, motivate, and mentor Stream Energy’s female Independent Associates to better their businesses. Every year, this program holds a retreat, which brings women together. Additionally, these retreats focus on empowering women to build better lives and dream bigger. This fun weekend promotes camaraderie with fellow powerful women in business. This year, the theme of the retreat is “Dream,” which will empower Independent Associates to dream bigger. The retreat will be held from July 20th to 22nd in Savannah, Georgia, with guest speaker Sonia Stringer.

Stream University is an ongoing event by Stream Energy. Stream University allows associates to earn their Stream Energy “degree” in just one day. The live event is an all-day training and educational program that travels across the country to actively grow Stream Energy markets. Covering a variety of topics, new Independent Associates receive valuable knowledge to strengthen various aspects of their growing businesses. Through full-scale audio and video productions, the trainers discuss personal vs. professional growth, mindset development, effective leadership, and business development. Topics vary from city to city, depending on what services are available in each area.

Stream University also gives Independent Associates an opportunity to participate in role play and interactive learning. This type of training gives them the chance to put themselves in real scenarios that they may find themselves in during the course of their work with the company. They also get a chance to familiarize themselves with Stream Energy’s services.

Conference Calls & Webinars

Stream Energy uses conference calls to train its Independent Associates. On June 7th, 2018, the company had its first ever Spanish conference call with its Hispanic associates. Additionally, the company holds various webinars throughout the year. Lead by Senior VP of Sales Ryan Morris, CSO Steve Fisher, and VP of Field Relations Adrian Avila, these webinars highlight the importance of the right activity and managing its results.

Using the tools and training that Stream Energy provides its Independent Associates, many entrepreneurs have been able to live a better life and become their own boss.

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