Why You Need To Switch To LED Systems before the Laws Forces It on You

Why You Need To Switch To LED Systems before the Laws Forces It on You

Several fairs and exhibitions have been conducted to test the supremacy between the standard incandescent bulb and the newly developed LED light bulbs. So many scientists have waved into the matter, and lots of debates have gone down on why Edison’s invention needs to be replaced by a more efficient development. However, is the government making any effort to regulate the use of the traditional incandescent bulbs?

Join us in this article as we evaluate the efforts of the government towards leading a revolution against the standard incandescent bulbs and why you need to make that switch to LED bulbs before you are forced to do so by the government. If you aren’t familiar with LED lights, check these out: https://www.brightlightz.co.uk/led-spotlights

The standard incandescent bulbs have remained mostly unchanged since its invention by Thomas Edison over 135 years ago.  If the world is going to stick to its plans for more sustainable energy, then the incandescent bulbs need to be replaced. The future of lightning lies with the LED, and most governments across the globe are beginning to recognize this fact. The lighting industry is massive and pulls in billions of dollars every year. However, the switch is not financially motivated.

We all have to get ready. Technology is taking its cause. Things are changing in the world today, and even the way we light our homes is not left out.

The US government already started out with new regulation governing light bulbs efficiency. The provisions stated in the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act has already edged out the 100-watt incandescent since 2012. Other incandescent bulbs like the 75-watts, the 60-watts, and the 40-watts are all going to be banned. Reasons for this switch are obvious; LED bulbs are the future. A lot of businesses have discovered this and are placing their hopes on the LED.  Companies and large cooperation are now actively involved in the promotion of LED researchers; this is because the industry is about to witness exponential growth. Nobody wants to be left out.

The results are paying off actually. LED started off as experiments for semiconductors. They have been around for a while now. The first kind of LED light bulbs is the RED LED lights. Over the years, the BLUE and the WHITE light are now available. The first sets of LED production were costly and in other to reduce the cost of production, some cheap but harmful elements used in their production.

Over the years, lots of research and studies have gone into making LED bulbs cheap and safer to use. New and improved models are now available, and lots of regulation has gone into their production. The use of harmful substances is now on the decline as environmental friendly LED bulbs are available.

So, if your business still revolves around the incandescent bulbs, you are taking a significant risk. You will either be forced out of business either soon as the incandescent bulbs are seriously going obsolete. Also, you stand a chance of being forced out of business by government regulations. It is high time you make that switch before the government pushes it on you.

There’s the public’s lingering distaste for compact fluorescent lamps, which failed miserably in their projected role as the bulb of the future. That sentiment has fed into a Tea Party-fueled backlash against the new regulations, and there have been attempts in Congress to roll them back entirely.

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