Tech 2018: Here's What's About To Burst Onto The Scene

Tech 2018: Here's What's About To Burst Onto The Scene

We might only be a couple of weeks into 2018, but so much has happened already to set this year well apart from 2017. You just need to take a look at the previous few days’ headlines to see that. But, as we stand now, there is plenty of time for lots more news and big events to define how we will see this year in the future. One thing that defines years the most is all the new tech that is pioneered and developed over the twelve months. Previous years have seen the dawn of social media and cryptocurrencies - wondering what is going to be the biggest tech development of 2018? If so, then read on! Here are some of the big predictions for the next few months.


Bots are popping up in more situations than what you might realize. For instance, many online companies are now rolling out chat bots so that customers can chat to someone in real time on a live chat on the company’s website. These chatbots are powered by an algorithm which is so smart and dynamic that it is able to answer the majority of peoples’ questions. For those it is unable to provide an answer to, they are simply redirected to a human member of the customer service team. These bots are a lot cheaper for companies to run compared to hiring human staff to man the live chats, so are helping many businesses cut down on their expenses. But it also looks like bots are going to be used in a lot more situations from now on. In fact, we could start seeing physical bots appear in shops and stores. Some companies are also working on bots that we will be able to bring into our homes with us. Many experts believe that these home bots will be a great help to the elderly generation as they will be able to relieve loneliness.

Computational Photography

The world of photography has come on a long way over the past few years. This can be seen in smartphone cameras - there are now a few different cameras on the market that have very sophisticated cameras in them, some of which are a match to the best DSLRs that are reviewed on the likes of However, it looks like all kinds of cameras are about to be revolutionized by the introduction of computational photography. Smartphone cameras are set to improve even further. But that doesn’t mean that they will be overtaking DSLRs anytime soon - DSLR photography is also going to benefit from these computational developments, which will keep it one step ahead thanks to much sharper images.

Laser Ablation

Technology isn’t always fun and games. Sometimes it serves a more practical purpose. If you go to, you will be able to find out more about laser ablation. This is a fairly new process that makes it now possible to clean difficult materials, like metal, glass, and ceramics. This process of laser ablation has been fine-tuned fairly recently and its results are now phenomenal. It has helped to increase the lifespan of certain products that would once have to be disposed of if they ever got too dirty and aged. They can now be instantly be made as good as new thanks to this great new tech!

Combining Blockchain With The IoT

Two other types of tech that have been around for a couple of years already are the blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT). Well, it looks like 2018 is the year that these two technologies are going to come together and merge. This merging will have some really amazing results! Right now, it is very easy for IoT things to be hacked and all of the data that is stored in them to be stolen and leaked. But now that we are able to combine the IoT with the blockchain, hacking devices will be extremely difficult. That’s because there will be digital records of all IoT devices on various platforms. So, in order to hack into the records, one would have to hack into each separate record which will be almost impossible.

combining blockchain with IoT
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Mixed Reality

Last year, we saw virtual reality come to the fore in the world of gaming. Lots of games companies brought out virtual reality headsets that gamers can plug their phones into. All they need is a VR gaming app to being their adventure into the world of virtual reality! Well, it now looks like things are going to move in the direction of mixed reality in 2018. This is different to straight VR as it takes aspects of the virtual world and mixes them with real-world experiences and objects. One recent example is the game Pokemon Go. Gamers viewed the real world through their phone’s camera and virtual reality items were added to the image. This year will see this kind of tech become a lot more advanced and in more and more households up and down the country.

Better Motion Capture

Ok, so motion capture isn’t exactly new. However, this year will see it improve more than it has previously done so, and it will start to come into the fore of film-making. This technology has slowly developed over the past couple of decades but it looks like it will make one huge bound over the next twelve months. Hollywood now has a lot of new motion capture systems to play around with and it won’t be too long before we can experience the results in the cinema!

medical wearables
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Medical Wearables

There are already lots of wearable tech out there like Fitbits and smartwatches. But these are about to be turned into medical devices. Soon, patients will be able to wear these new devices to track their health and flag up any problems that they should see their doctor about. Before you know it, we’ll all be hooked up to a medical wearable device!

Keep your eyes peeled for all this new tech in the near future! 

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