Using Technology to Make Student Housing More Eco-friendly

Using Technology to Make Student Housing More Eco-friendly

Residents throughout the UK and United States are more passionate about sustainability than ever before. One report found that 12% of all carbon emissions in Britain come from domestic housing, so tackling the challenges of environmentalism is a major focus in the years to come. The good news is that new technology appears to be a solution. It is also helping the student housing market in other ways.

Technology is the Future of Sustainability in the UK Student Housing Market

Large international investment funds are continually committing millions of pounds into the UK housing portfolio. Their technology has been used for a variety of purposes, but advancing the student housing market is one of them.

From a student perspective there is a substantial amount to be gained from living in a managed student build. In most cases you can secure a below market all-inclusive rent for a long-term period living in a student hotspot; particularly throughout the cities in the northern powerhouse as London is becoming more unreachable.

Student homes are becoming more regulated and more secure than ever before, with the element of transparency and dependability evident between a student and a landlord.  Students are also more concerned about sustainability than the average population, which is something that landlords must keep in mind.

After years of a chronic housing shortage in the UK, numerous cities now have plenty of dedicated student accommodation. It is even harder to offer student housing that is eco-friendly. With the addition of purpose-built student accommodation as well as university halls, easing pressure on the rental market with students acting as a powerful contributor to local communities, pushing up the demand for luxurious student living.

Standards in student housing have grown with expectations from students increasingly changing. The golden era of student accommodation has taken off with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Investors and developers must step up their game to cater for the desires of the world’s growing student population.

With the prospect of embracing a new wave of student property, both investors and developers are feeling the shift to make sure all requests and desires are adhered to, leading to an emerging era of a transformed student accommodation.

Today, as the student market becomes more saturated, the competition between student housing has gotten stiffer and the tough competition is driving up the amenities on offer to entice students to an elevated standard of comfort, space and location.

The capabilities of student complexes have been boosted through technological advancements as innovative technology has been a top driver behind the sector’s prosperity. As most students are becoming more tech savvy, innovative technology has been formulated to enable student accommodation to be viewed via Skype and Facetime.

The days of walking into an agent on the high street and taking the time to visit a property seems to be dwindling as the property sector is embracing new technology to improve its offering to students. It is also helping them find ways to cut their carbon footprint.

These progressions are reaching more students, and therefore are becoming more popular especially for those looking to study abroad. Through virtually exploring their potential new home, students can capture a great insight and gain reassurance that the room is as advertised, and they are receiving the comfort and quality they have come to expect.

RW Invest, property investment specialists based in Liverpool embrace the demands of student property by integrating technologies to combat energy efficiency and strengthen living standards as property and technology are blending together to change the way they operate, and the student accommodation sector is rapidly changing as a result.

Future technologies ensure the student property sector stays ahead of the game, as developers and investors aim to give themselves an edge in an ever-more competitive market and offer greener housing options.

Technology is the Key to Sustainability Among Students that Want Eco-friendly Housing

Offering eco-friendly housing is a hard thing to do in the UK. Many landlords are looking for new solutions to make their housing more sustainable. Fortunately, new technology is paving the way.

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