Voice Recognition: Seeking Platforms Of Elevation

Voice Recognition: Seeking Platforms Of Elevation

Despite making great products and services that have simply flown off the shelves, a void is yet to be filled for many business owners. Even if you can see your financial quarter profits rising remarkably well and you feel confident in the direction your business is going, something might be missing. If you’re totally honest with yourself, you can admit to wanting to become a household name. Not just an industry giant, but an industry leader in the conversation. It's not comparable to a child in the playground trying to get noticed by all the cool kids, far from it. In fact, this is what competing is truly about, toppling and taking the place of those giants. There’s no shame in wanting your voice to be recognized and hold weight in the far-reaching corners of the world. Wanting to have a serious input in the philosophy and ethics of how business transforms and consumer needs met, is quite an important ambition. After all, human beings aren’t robots; we have a method to our choices in what we consume and how. So it's time to elevate your position from the growing tiger who is one to keep an eye on, to elevating your position of authority.

Be a panel member

Many companies who want to start a conversation in a particular business field would love to have guests reach out to them. Business debates are held in front of a large audience of people of varying degrees of knowledge. There will be people who you would class as rival competitors, experts who have been involved for a long time in the shaping of an industry, journalists looking for a scoop and regular customers interested in knowing why certain things are made. Companies who hold such events are usually think tanks that would like to offer their members opinions from within the industry, i.e. where all the action is happening. Of course, there could be other kinds of companies that want to hold such public discussions too. Contact any relevant think tanks in your region or perhaps even national to inform them of who you are. Media organizations hold their own debates too, so put yourself on their list by contacting them in much the same fashion. If and when you’re invited onto a panel to discuss a specific subject, there are some things to remember. Realize that although you may not be asked to talk about your own company, you can indirectly mention or intertwine your business into your answer. This is key time as you’ll be intellectually intriguing the audience, so try to explain why you have done an action in your business namely your products and services.

Morning coffee reading

Business is more than just product consumption; it's an environment that is constantly talking and debating about the future. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business or large corporation, you’re both trying to stay ahead of the curve. This is done all in the effort of stable and continued growth. One would assume that opinion pieces in business and trade would be purely for the stock market addict. On the contrary, more and more consumers want to know the internal workings of business and industries that shape their lives so much. What a great time to be alive for a small business looking to make headway and have their voice heard. A company like GuestPostTracker.com have the ability to give you access to websites that publish a business opinion. They have an ever-growing list of blogs that specialize in many industries and would love to have guest articles on their platform. With this service, however, you not only get access to a list of blogs that would be suited for your business but also the ability to track your posts. This means you can gauge the effectiveness of what you have written by the number of visits and possible interactions. By including your own links, you can redirect traffic back onto your website. This inevitably increases the possibility of making sales as the quality of your content and outreach will have gained the understanding and trust of new consumers.

Livestream an event

Live streaming is the next evolution of social media. You can already see the large companies starting to develop their own services in this regard. Facebook has introduced live stream from smartphones, and YouTube has given content creators the ability to live stream pretty much anything too. Businesses like Samsung and SpaceX have taken full advantage of this service to grab the attention of millions of people around the world. Captivating audiences with the latest releases and achievements that happen right in front of your eyes, the impact of this is groundbreaking. Your business can take this opportunity to hold events that showcase the ability and innovative nature of your products and services. Hosting a lively debate about the industry you’re in or even just having a questions and answers segment that you want people from around the world to be involved in is a great first step. The real impactful nature of live streaming for businesses is that audiences get to see things for the very first time. New and greatly anticipated releases are a superb way of galvanizing the general public to pay attention to what you’re doing and who you are. And since watching live streams is free of charge, you’re more likely to convert a larger amount of consumers to actually buy what you’re offering.

It's not enough to just be ahead in the sales numbers for the quarter. What good is it if you’re top dog in your industry, but consumers don’t feel as if they have a connection with your business? It's time to forge that bridge and seek platforms that will elevate your business. With the aim of having your voice recognized not just by industry rivals and journalists, but consumers above all else. Voluntarily agree to be a panel member for a serious discussion about the nature of the business and current questions being asked. The silent but powerful mist that drifts into people’s homes is the independent media. Seek to become an integral part of someone’s morning routine so as they sip their coffee; they’re reading your business opinion article. There’s no time like the present; live streaming is just getting started so get used to it and utilize this technology for your business exposure.

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