Web Address Envy: 8 Tips for Coming Up With a Great Domain Name That Reels Them In

Web Address Envy: 8 Tips for Coming Up With a Great Domain Name That Reels Them In

Your website has roughly 50 milliseconds to provoke a gut reaction in your audience. That's less than one seconds for your site to make a good first impression. This means that every decision you make has to capture your reader's attention. And all of your digital media marketing has to be carefully planned to retain as many new users as possible.

Part of making that good first impression is in your domain name. For every site visitor, it is the first thing they see when they interact with your content.

Your domain name should take a long time to create. It will require days and weeks of contemplation before you decide on the correct one. But since coming up with the perfect domain name is hard so we've created a list of website name ideas to help improve traffic to your site.

1. Keep Your Domain Name Simple

To keep your name simple follow 3 rules, make sure its easy, short, and obvious.

If your name is too long your users might misspell it or forget it. In fact, in a study by Gaebler.com, an online entrepreneurial magazine, the 5 most popular websites have less than 6 characters in their domain name. There is also evidence that there is a connection between domain name length and site popularity.

But how short is appropriate? Your name should be less than 15 characters not including the domain name extension.

If you want to keep your domain name short it shouldn't contain any long words, complex spellings, or symbols. Numbers are also a bad idea unless it's an important part of your business. There are some examples of domain names that break these rules are sites like 24HourCars.com and 23andme.com.

2. Ensure Your Name can be Used Legally

Though domain names are not technically intellectual property you can get into legal trouble if your name is too similar to another trademark.

Unfortunately, its possible to choose a domain name that is allowed by the registrar but that still infringes on copyright. This may cause your site to receive a cease and desist notification and may lead to your website being closed down.

To avoid this fate, it is recommended that you do a trademark search of your domain name before buying a domain name.

3. Try to Get a Top-Level Domain Name

Let's face when you look for examples of good domain names the majority of sites include .com and .org.

Your domain name extension tells your users about the kind of website that they're visiting. That's why domain names ending in .org, .com, or .edu or "top-level domain names" have a lot of legitimacy and are seen as more serious by regular site users.

These names also tell you a lot about the information about the site they're going to be visiting. If you are at a complete loss for coming up with a name, be sure to try any of these domain name generators.

If your site has a .org domain name it will signal to your readers that they're looking at a nonprofit. While a .edu domain name tells your users that your site is connected to a school or other educational program.

4. Buy Common Misspellings of Your Domain Name

Most people will misspell words don't let someone's small spelling mistake prevent them from visiting your site.

This means that when you're choosing a domain name you should also brainstorm any alternative spellings. And make a list of domain names to buy to help you increase traffic.

5. Be Cautious When Purchasing Existing Domain Names

One of the most important choices you have to make when deciding how to choose a domain name is whether you should pick a domain that has already been used.

This decision is so serious because pre-used domain names may come with a lot of baggage.

The previous owners of the domain name may have used it expressed opinions that don't reflect your company's current values. Or they may have used the site to post objectionable content like spam.

Though you should be cautious there are some upsides to buying used domain names it may give you a leg up in Google's search ranking because you're not starting from scratch.

6. Register All Major Social Media Accounts With the Same Name

Once you've found some good domain names you should make sure that you're able to register them on different social media sites. The more platforms you're on the more exposure you can give your business.

Make sure you do this as early as possible so that you don't have to deal with squatters. These are people that buy popular domain names so that they can sell them at a higher price later.

7. Purchase the Domain in Your Own Name

Make sure that when you register the domain it's in your own name rather than your company's name. This is important because if you choose to split from the company you may have issues marketing yourself if your name is tied to a domain owned by your previous employer.

The best reason to do this is that your emails and websites will be linked to the domain name and if someone else has access to them this could put your career in jeopardy.

8. Shop Around to Find the Right Domain Registrar

This is as important as finding the right name is finding the right place to register and host it. Though there are great places that will both register and host your information like this site, you must be sure that the companies that you're using are trustworthy and have a great reputation.

Want More Website Name Ideas?

Clearly, your domain name is one of the best ways to attract and appeal to new users. Once you've just come up with your perfect website name ideas you will need more help marketing your website.

If you want to know how to get your website off the ground contact us and we'll help improve your brand reputation.

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