Web Design Tips That Will Drive Sales

Web Design Tips That Will Drive Sales

Your website is more than just a pretty face. There are many intricacies that come together to create a successful website; this ranges from the design, to the navigation and the load time. Plus, your website is designed to achieve more than look good. Yes, it needs to tick this box, but it also needs to represent your brand and, ultimately, it needs to drive sales. To make sure your website does the latter, read on to discover some great web design tips that will help you to boost your sales…

Embrace the white space

Take a look at your website, does it look cluttered? Is there a lot of white space? Better yet, get someone else to look at your website and answer these questions. A lot of business owners make the error of assuming that every part of their website needs to be filled with information. However, when you do this, you dilute your brand message, and you make your website feel too cramped. This will only confuse viewers, which will result in them leaving your website and looking elsewhere.

Live chat

Another way to boost your website and your sales is to embrace the live chat feature. More and more companies are going down this route, and they are reaping the benefits. When someone is browsing your website, if an online chat menu pops up, it makes them feel secure. They know that they can easily get in touch with you should they have an issue, and this creates trust. Not only this, but you of course, increase customer satisfaction by providing such an instant response to their needs.

Reduce the amount of input you require from your customers

When someone goes to make a sale via your website, what information do you ask of them? It is important to keep forms as short as possible. Customers don’t want to feel like they need to write their life story in order to purchase a product. Instead, keep it to the necessities. This is one of the most common reasons for shopping cart abandonment.

Trust symbols

This is an important one for any business! If someone does not feel secure when using your website, they certainly are not going to buy any products or services from you. Trust is key when building a website. You need to show people that your website is secure and that you make an effort to safeguard their personal data. One of the best ways to do this is with trust symbols. This could be anything from PayPal’s certification logo to badges from review websites like Yelp. You can also find seals that are related to your industry, as well as generally security and checkout badges.

Make your website easy to use

Is your website easy to use? Navigation should be intuitive. Viewers should never have to hunt or scroll for something. If they do, your website is not working efficiently.


The power of video should not be underestimated. Product videos can increase sales and conversions. The statistics regarding this vary, but there have been accounts online whereby people have reported an increase in sales by as much as 144 per cent by incorporating videos. Product videos are not the only options you have available to you; you can also use videos that introduce your brand, as well as testimonial videos too.

Hire a professional

Last but not least, hiring a digital marketing agency, like Power Marketing International, LLC, can be the best way to drive sales to your website. If you do not have any experience in marketing or website design, it is better to leave it to someone that does. After all, this is a specialist area and it is one that is of significant importance to your business – you cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to your website and your marketing efforts, so enlist some professional assistance and you should see your sales soar.

So there you have it: some useful tips that you can use to boost sales through your website. From embracing white space to adding video to your website, there are lots of tweaks and additions that can make a big difference to your company’s bottom line.

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