What Kind Of Relationship Do You Want With Your Employees?

What Kind Of Relationship Do You Want With Your Employees?

Working with colleagues and employees is never easy. There is always a fine balance required to make sure the relationship between each of you is healthy. You might have a lengthy employee handbook detailing all the desired behaviors you require from each member of your workforce. You might also spell out what is unacceptable. But do any of these lists nurture a good working relationship that promotes longevity and cooperation?

Mutual Respect

Good relationships are built on mutual respect. This means that you respect the advice and working practices of your employees. In turn, they should respect your authority and top-tier decision making. Respect often has to be earned, even though you might expect it given your position within the business. Give your employee the chance to show you what they’re made of. Equally, give your employees opportunities to see your achievements and successes too.

Helping Each Other Out

It’s important that you get value for money from your employee. Part of what motivates a worker is the feeling that their pay packet reflects their personal opinion of their contribution. You need them to go above and beyond on occasion. Equally, you should find opportunities to scratch their backs too. Can you find ways to make their job easier, quicker, and less stressful?

Feel a part of something bigger and greater with your team. Credit

Simple things, like automating processes can be very helpful for a worker. After all, everyone wants a chance to be creative. Data input is hardly that! You can find out more at dataserv.com how something as tedious as inputting invoice information can be reduced to almost nothing with automation. This can free up your employee’s time to offer more creative input and solutions to other business problems.


Loyalty becomes longevity of service when it is carefully nurtured. It’s difficult to feel loyal to someone you have little interaction with. If your workforce isn’t kept in the loop, they can start to feel like outsiders. A sense of belonging is essential for loyalty. Offer mentoring programs, training, and a simple internal newsletter, so everyone feels part of the whole. Setting up a clear career progression path and bonuses for good performance can help a lot too.

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It’s important for every worker to see a future for themselves. You just need to paint a picture of them in your business. Replacing employees is expensive. Retaining a good worker is much better for your company. It's easier than placing ads, sorting applications, interviewing and training new people. You have spent years developing and nurturing a relationship with a worker. To start again is costly, inefficient, and a drain on you.

Every relationship needs to be a two-way street. You give a little, and you expect a little back. Over the years, you can come to rely on an employee. Equally, they can rely on you to be helpful when the need arises. Flexible working, moving pension schemes, or that overdue pay rise should all be open for discussion. The open-door policy so many managers rave about can help improve the relationships you have with your workforce. What kind of relationship do you want with your employees?

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