What Online Retailers Can Learn From Amazon

What Online Retailers Can Learn From Amazon

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. For the customer, this is great. Amazon provides a top-tier shopping experience, with virtually every product imaginable available. For the business owner, this can be frustrating. How can a smaller company possibly compete against this online giant? It’s not easy, but lessons can be learned from this ecommerce behemoth to improve the tactics of small businesses.

Let’s look at what Amazon does right

Top search engine rankings

Type in any product on Google - go on, do it now - and chances are Amazon will pop up in the first five listings on the page. You may sell a similar product, but you are probably way down the line. You need to find the top SEO company to help you rise higher, so while you may not overcome the Amazon goliath on the page, you may still feature comfortably a few places below them.

Speedy web pages

Many websites suffer from slow down, but this isn’t an issue on Amazon. Pages load incredibly quickly, and this benefits the impatient customer. Amazon discovered a longer load time affected their sales, so it’s worth optimizing your website to make sure your sales don’t suffer. Use a free web tool to test your load speeds, and optimize them to run faster.

Personalized shopping experience

Buy any product on Amazon, and they will start to tailor your shopping experience to you. With ‘related to items’ and ‘recommendation’ sections, Amazon’s algorithms get to the bottom of your spending habits. Thanks to third-party software, you can do the same. Chances are, your sales will increase when your customers get an idea of the other products available to them, and a personal touch will guarantee their return to you

User reviews

While reviews can have a negative impact on sales, the opposite is also true when those reviews are glowing. Amazon highlights these reviews front and center, and customers are more inclined to buy when they read what others have to say. Do the same on your website, but be transparent. If you do receive negative reviews, don’t delete them. Offer a response to the visitor or show how you have made improvements to your service. Then do what Amazon do, and use a backlink to direct the customer to the product in question.

Excellent shipping options

Amazon Prime customers get free shipping and next-day delivery. This is perfect for anybody looking to get their hands on a particular product quickly. In some cases, they even deliver on a Sunday through their courier services. Can you do the same? Free shipping is only available for Prime subscribers, but you may be able to beat the giant at their own game by providing free shipping to every customer.

Amazon doesn’t get everything right

Amazon doesn’t get everything right, and you have probably read articles in the local media as to why. The way they treat their employees is apparently shocking. With long working shifts for staff on the warehouse floor and during delivery, Amazon has been slated for the way they treat their staff. No wonder it’s hard for them to keep hold of employees, who are either forced to have time off due to stress, or who move on to less stringent companies elsewhere. If you own a business of any kind, you can top Amazon and treat your workers fairly. Of course, we only have the media to believe in this regard, but these pictures will help you understand what may be going on.


From the good to the bad, learn from Amazon. You will probably never topple this online giant, but you don’t have to be crushed by them either. Follow our advice, and you will hopefully see your business rise one step closer to success.

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