Which Business Roles Should You Outsource?

Which Business Roles Should You Outsource?

Running a business involves a variety of tasks from bookkeeping to marketing. Few business owners have the time or expertise to handle all of these tasks themselves. Hiring a full-time employee to do these roles is an option – but this can be costly and might not always be necessary if a certain task doesn’t need 24/7 attention. A better way of delegating these tasks is to outsource them to other specialist companies. Nowadays you can outsource pretty much any task from rota building to answering emails. Not every task is worth outsourcing, but there are some roles that do benefit. Here are some of those key roles.


Every business owner is legally required to keep a record of their earnings and expenses to ensure that they are paying the right amount of tax. Bookkeeping can be time-consuming, and so many companies hire an accountancy firm to take care of it. Accountancy rates can vary depending on the reputation and level of expertise that a firm or individual has. Chartered accountants are among the most esteemed, but they also cost the most to hire.

IT support

In this fast-changing digital world, it can be hard to keep up with technology trends. In the business world, having the best software and tech can help you to stay ahead of your competition. IT support companies as found at sites like www.bluescreen.se can be worthwhile outsourcing for making sure that the business is running on the best tech available. IT support companies may also be able to offer virtual assistance, such as quickly fixing bugs and combating viruses. This could save the time spent calling a technician out.



SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a means of online marketing that focuses on helping websites to improve their rankings on search engines. In turn, this helps company websites generate more revenue. In this age, almost everyone relies on sites like Google when searching for companies to use – high search engine listings can make or break a company. While many digital marketing tasks such as social media management can be DIYed easily, SEO is slightly more complex and therefore an ideal role to outsource. Many digital marketing companies practice SEO as one of their services, other companies specialize in it specifically.

Legal advice

Businesses must nowadays abide by lots of red tape. Understanding these laws may require a legal adviser that knows all the rules. Certain legal advisors may also be able to help you to write contracts and handle disputes. There are law firms such as www.lawbite.co.uk that specialize in business practices, whilst other law firms may be more general.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are two other roles required in the daily running of owning a business. These can be done by you and your staff, but they are time consuming and may need to be done to a certain quality. It’s well worth hiring a contract cleaning company to regularly clean your premises, as well as having a handyman company on call to handle any maintenance emergencies such as leaky pipes or electric faults.

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