Why An Eco-Friendly Business Is Good For Your Wallet As Well As The Environment

Why An Eco-Friendly Business Is Good For Your Wallet As Well As The Environment

Eco-friendly and environmentally friendly practices are imperative to today’s business successes and not only because consumers are demanding it. People love to know that they are doing business with one which is a green and morally acceptable organisation, however it is also about their efficiency and sustainability.


Taking on an eco-friendly culture will provide businesses with many benefits, which will be bigger and better than any HR. Here are some reasons why a business will benefit from going green and why it is good for their expenses as well as the environment.


Cost Savings

Take into consideration just how much money you spend on lighting your business and the surrounding facilities. Now, imagine if this cost could be lessened, entirely down to renewable energy. It can - and it will be if you look to switch to a green energy supplier, such as geothermal, wind or solar.


Even if you decide not to roll out whole new renewable systems, you will be able to cut down on energy and operating costs through green practices. Even something as simple as turning off lights when you are not using them can be beneficial. Increasing the temperature of the office by just a few degrees over the weekend can have a huge impact, as can an investment in industrial ventilation systems to run through your place of work to get rid of humidity and odours, reducing the need (and cost) of aerosols and plug-in heaters and dehumidifiers.


Tax Benefits

Renewable energy offers up a lot of tax incentives which can cut down not only on deployment costs, but operational costs as well. Some locations do offer tax credits of up to 30% of the total overall cost, so essentially you will be getting a discount on the equipment. These breaks are available in the form of tax deductions and tax credits. There are breaks available for adopting renewable and solar energy sources, as well as creating an environmentally-friendly and sustainable operation and facility.


Employee Morale

No-one likes working for a Scrooge and they especially dislike working for a morally bankrupt or damaging organisation. A large majority of workforces today are happier when working for and with a company which cares about the world and the impact it has on surrounding communities.


A survey found that 51% of people won’t work with a business that doesn’t have a strong environmental and social commitment. Another 74% found that their job is more fulfilling when they have the chance to make a positive impact at work - including a positive effect on the surrounding community.


A Boost In Self-Sufficiency

Renewable energy sources come with the added benefit of increasing sustainability for both your teams and your organisation. Solar panels, for example, help to generate energy which can be rolled to the local grid in order to cut down on total consumption. Off-grid power is particularly useful if there is ever an energy outage or crisis and your business will be able to carry on completely untouched. This is true if there was ever to be an emergency or natural disaster, given that the energy source hasn’t been inhibited or damaged in some way.

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