Why Macs Aren't Always All They Are Cracked Up to Be

Why Macs Aren't Always All They Are Cracked Up to Be

The sempiternal debate between Windows and Mac in the office is not over. Offices that swear by Apple products only are very different from their Windows neighbors. It’s no secret that marketing and especially design agencies have been some of the first adopters of Macs in the workplace. The graphics solutions on Apple products used to be a lot more advanced and better performing. While Windows design solutions are now in a position to compete, professional graphic designers have not yet broken the vow of loyalty made to Apple several decades ago. Additionally, there a sense of sleek professionalism that emanates from a MacBook and that is not yet completely matched by the look and feel of Windows laptops. Nevertheless supplying your office with Macs is an expensive choice. So how can you make the most of it?

The big decision

Eventually, when it comes to choosing between Apple and Windows products, there is an important consideration that you need to take. There are cases when owning a Mac is just not the right decision for your company. Indeed, companies that run on Windows tend to be deeply involved in software management and creation, where they can use a variety of open source tools to build their solutions from scratch. Unfortunately, there isn’t an Apple computer that can compete the sheer escalating power of Windows. The bottom line is that sometimes making the most of Macs for your company starts by getting the right equipment for your team without following trends. In the great scheme of things, the Mac vs Windows debate is not relevant anymore. Indeed, as most users nowadays tend to rely on third-party in-browser software, the battle of operating systems has no more reason d’être.

Is it true that Macs never go wrong?

Apple products have a reputation for extreme reliability. The latest Consumer Reports’ survey shows that it is a deserved rep as Apple records as little as 7% MacBook Air breakdowns during the first three years after purchase. It is, by far, the lowest rate across all notebooks. It doesn’t mean the Macs can’t break, but compared to Windows laptops, they seem a better choice. The manufacturer has the lowest failure rate in the business indeed during the first three years of ownership. Nevertheless, things can go wrong too, and when they do, it’s important to know how to react. While most users deal calmly with a WIndows failure – out of habit – an issue in data recovery from a failed hard drive on Mac can be enough to break in a cold sweat. It’s important to remember that there is a lot of accessible tutorials to handle Mac failures when they occur. In short, while Macs don’t often fail, when they do, you can still attempt to fix them.

Reselling at a high price

Finally, if you’re planning on a rotating laptop renewal in your business, you can cut down costs by resetting your Macs for sale. All it takes is to reformat your hard drive. Then you need to install a clean version of the OS, and you’re good to sell.

In conclusion, if you’ve chosen Macs in your business, you need to be prepared to deal with the occasional failure calmly and to prep your laptop for resale.

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