Windows vs. Apple: Which is Best for Your Company?

Windows vs. Apple: Which is Best for Your Company?

If your company is assessing its current tech systems, one of the things that you will definitely need to think about is whether you want to use Windows or Apple as your operating system provider of choice. Many companies get set in their ways, but there can be benefits associated with switching in certain circumstances.

It’s not an easy decision to make, and in order for you to reach the right conclusion, you need to consider the pros and cons of each of them. Windows has its benefits and Apple has its benefits too. And, of course, they each have elements that count against them as negatives, so read on to find out more.


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The Pros

Generally speaking, Windows computers have much greater scope for power than Macs. You simply can’t get an Apple computer that’s anywhere near as powerful as the most powerful computer out there that runs Windows.

As a business owner, you’ve got to think about the accessories that your employees will need in order to get things done. In this area, Windows wins hands down because accessories for Windows computers are cheaper and the range of options far larger.

The Cons

If the day comes when you need to replace your computers and sell the old ones, you’ll wish you chose Apple because they hold their value far better than most Windows computers. That’s always been the case and it doesn’t look like changing anytime soon.

There are certain bugs and glitches they seem to only appear on Windows systems. You should visit this website if you want to learn about some of them. Apple products seem to experience far fewer of these issues.


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The Pros

One of the very best things about using Apple is that if you were to later choose that you don’t want iOS, you can easily switch to another OS using the in-built BootCamp feature that allows you to do so. It means that the process is easier and faster than what you have to do to achieve the same outcomes on Windows.

Your employees might have Apple products such as iPads and iPhones where they store things relating to their work. Apple is undisputed king of smartphone tech, so this is likely. In that scenario, they’d be able to use their own tech in coordination with your iOS computers in the office. It would all be part of one streamlined ecosystem. Finally, remember that Apple products are generally thought to safer from viruses than Windows computers.

The Cons

Although the sleek Apple designs are loved by many, they don’t offer many options. Only Apple makes Apple products. Whereas, with Windows, it’s possible for pretty much any company to make computers and then have Windows as their OS. So by choosing Apple over Windows, you will be severely limiting your options in terms of hardware.

Macs and Apple products generally are much harder to mess with and change, so you won’t really be able to pull them apart and change things around if you ever need to upgrade them in the future. That’s simply not the case for computer products made by the vast majority of other companies on the market. 

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