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Build Market Share with These Sustainable Marketing Giveaways for Small Business

marketing giveaways for small businesses

As a small business, you need to be highly strategic to maintain a competitive edge in the market. You don’t have the same marketing budget that is available to larger companies. This means some of the more expensive marketing strategies that allow you to reach a broad customer base won’t be available to you.

Fortunately, this is not necessarily a bad thing. More expensive marketing strategies aren’t always conducive to smaller, local companies.

You can take advantage of well thought out giveaway marketing strategies to build market share. Giveaway marketing strategies are an excellent way to build goodwill with customers. They can be easily implemented on a local scale as well.

Before you run a giveaway campaign, you need to make sure that you understand your audience. You will want to consider the demographics and whether you operate a B2B or B2C company. As Sprout Social points out, millennials are more interested in vacations. Other groups have found that older people are more likely to be interested in wine coolers. Of course, preferences can change over time.

Here are some giveaway marketing strategies that you should consider.

Low price point golf items

Golf is a very popular sport among people in the business community. If you are managing a B2B company, that many of your customers might appreciate golf tools.

There are a number of golf manufacturers that make inexpensive products that you could consider using as part of your giveaway marketing strategy for corporate customers. Putt A Round Golf is one of the companies that you might want to look into. They make a number of golf tools that are both interactive and portable.

Coasters made from brass or leather

Coasters are another great gift to consider. They are ideal for many customers that enjoy relaxing with a cold drink at the end of the day. These are great gifts for both corporate and consumer-based businesses.

Of course, it is important to make sure that you are giving away high-quality coasters. A lot of coasters are made from cork or low-quality plastic. These coasters degrade rapidly after a few months of use.

You want to get a coaster made from a higher quality material. Coasters made from brass or leather tend to have excellent aesthetics and last a long time. Of course, you’ll want to get a coaster with your company name and logo on it.

Personalized marshmallows

Personalized marshmallows are another great branding idea. You can find companies like Itas that will make marshmallows resembling your company. They can be made in the form of your company name or logo.

Sports bottles

People are far more concerned about their health these days. This is largely driven by the obesity crisis.

Since people are working out more than ever, you could consider offering some giveaways like water bottles. You could get sports water bottles with your company name and logo on them.

Wine bottles

Wine is quickly becoming the beverage of choice for many adults. Surprisingly, many millennials are expressing an interest in wine.

You could consider getting wine bottles that have your company name and insignia etched into them. This is an excellent branding strategy if you are catering to a demographic that is passionate about wine.

A Trip to a great destination

There are a lot of customers that would love to take a pleasant trip to an exotic location. Trips are especially sought after by millennial customers.

You will obviously need a larger budget with this type of giveaway. You also will need to make sure that you structure your giveaway in a way that customers have a chance to win, because you obviously can’t give a trip to every entrant.

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