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Benefits of Using Social Media to Attract Employees to Your Eco-Friendly Company

use social media to attract employees to your eco-friendly company

Are you committed to being an eco-friendly company? It isn’t enough just to make sure your customers see you that way. You also have to make sure your future employees recognize your company as an eco-friendly business.

You want to attract employees that share your passion for environmentalism. They will be more likely to help your company advance its goals and do work that aligns with your social mission. Around 40% of millennials have chosen a job due to its focus on sustainability, so you can attract a larger pool of applicants as well.

Attracting eco-friendly employees requires helping them see your brand for what it really is. This involves crafting the perfect employer branding strategy, which is something that can take years to complete. This is something that is a normal part of recruiting and once it is complete, the work needed here won’t diminish but rather change to keeping your brand in the sights of potential employees.

If the concept of employer branding seems unfamiliar, think of it as not only the company’s social media presence but their reputation as a whole. Strong branding is going to create a culture employees want to work for and will help your company. Through social media posts, those interested can imagine what it’s like to work at the same company you do. 

This is very important for eco-friendly companies. Social media can be a great way to show your commitment to environmentalism. There are many ways to accomplish this, such as:

  • Showing products made from renewable materials
  • Talking about donations to rainforest preservation nonprofits
  • Emphasizing your membership to sustainability organizations such as the Green Business Bureau

There are a lot of ways to build your green brand on social media, which will help attract the right employees.

Does Using Social Media Give You An Advantage Over Other Eco-Friendly Companies?

Strong branding will come from a very active social media presence, in terms of not only posting but also engaging with followers and those professionally interested in your company. All of this will help favorability and make you an employer of choice for your industry.  It will also help you stand out as a company with an eco-friendly agenda. The lines are blurred between the likes of traditional social media and professional recruiting sites (LinkedIn being the most popular).

By having followers interact with and follow your social pages, those interested will have a clear insight into what day-to-day life is like for those already working for the company. This shifts away from only things like benefits and pay to also the desire to be a part of the culture they’ve now become familiar with. You can get people to pay attention to the environmental activities you participate in, which helps your company significantly.

Keep in mind that 83% of employees feel their employer isn’t doing enough for the environment. You can use social media to show you are the exception to possible employees.

Publish Employee Interviews

If you want to appeal to people who are curious about working for your company or even those who are considering hiring your company for the service you provide, you will get a lot of traction with social media. Those people are going to love the chance to get to know what makes employees tick and what they value the most about where they currently work.

When you are looking to give an insight into how your people are taken care of, one of the best ways is to show the accommodations that have been given to employees over the last few years during the rise and legitimization of remote work. You can emphasize how much you value them and the steps they have taken to help the planet.

Having employee interviews viewable online will also allow for better intra-company communication, as it builds familiarity with those who might not have had the chance to meet on their own.

A True Glimpse Of The Culture

Those happy with their jobs and those looking for something new both want to be a part of a company that is larger than themselves. With strong branding, interested candidates will be able to understand what it means to be part of your company, beyond what they’ll be doing during work hours.

By showing off how employees are taken care of and also giving glimpses of employee benefits like donation matching and allowing time for volunteering, top candidates will be driven right to the job offerings you have open opposed to what they are seeing elsewhere.

The same is going to hold true for those who aren’t looking for a job but are looking to hire your company for its services. Everyone is drawn to those who are looking at that big picture and have a focus on those in need, sustainability, etc, and if your company is already doing those things, broadcasting is a crucial aspect of consistently strong branding.

Social Media Can Help Attract Employees to Your Eco-Friendly Brand

There are a lot of great reasons to use social media as an eco-friendly business. One overlooked benefit is that it can help you attract employees that share your sustainability mission. If you are one of the eco-friendliest businesses, then you will want to share that on social media.

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